Basil Rhea X Glore Gal 1.8.18

What does Basil Rhea mean?

I came up with Basil Rhea as the name for my brand because it's true and authentic to me. Basil comes from my Twitter name @oxfordbasil. which is funny because when I first made my Twitter account I had a lemon basil plant that I was obsessed with, so I decided to add it to my brand name. Rhea pronounced as (Ray) is my middle name so adding it to Basil sounded perfect and true to who I am.

Why did you decide to launch your own lipstick line?

I decided to launch a range of lipsticks because I was tired of being sent lipsticks (for reviews) that were highly raved about, but had cons within the formula or just left my lips dry and chapped. I took matters into my own hands
and wanted to make my own creme hydrating satin lipsticks.

What makes your lipsticks so different?

What makes my lippies so different is that you don't come across handmade lipsticks nowadays, and if you do they only consist of poor pigmented micas & coconut oil. Where as my lipstick formula is more improved and updated with more natural ingredients.

Where do you see Basil Rhea Cosmetics in one year?

A year from now I see my line of lipsticks growing with more variety of colors and formulas such as: matte, liquid, and gloss. Also, I would love to add facial sprays and blushes to my cosmetics line.

What made you want to become a makeup artist/Beauty blogger?

Getting into makeup was so random it literally happened out of no where! But I started off with blogging on my blog My Little Obsessions covering fashion looks and trends. Once I got into posting constantly on my blog & Instagram that is when the passion for makeup came to me. I was so hypnotized by all these beautiful, gorgeous, and talented MUA'S, Male & Female. So I went out, bought some makeup, watched a few makeup tutorials and here we are today.

What is your makeup style?

I would say my style of makeup is very glam, kinda edgy and somewhat safe, but eye catching at the same time. I like to play with fun colors and shimmery glitter pigments. I gravitate towards dark lippies and peachy toned lippies a lot! I just love to get all dolled up, nothing too extreme, but I have my really creative moments.

Where do you get the inspiration for your makeup looks?

I mostly get my inspiration from from a certain color and then I'll think of other colors that will complement that one original color that inspired me and I run with it! Face charts are another source of inspiration as well they're always creative and striking to the eyes!

Do you have any advice for aspiring makeup artist, beauty bloggers, and business owners?

Yes, always stay true to who you are and if you have a certain goal whether it's being a MUA (makeup artist), blogger or business owner practice your craft continuously I guarantee you that you will start seeing progress with each strap towards your goals.

Basil Rhea launches 1.8.2018


The creator of basil rhea: Anthony Browning


Social media handles: @basilcosmetics