When Life Throws You A Curveball..



I was at the point in my life where I was on this "do it yourself" beauty kick. During this time I experimented a lot with my nails. So in May 2016, I was informed by a friend of this company that was offering scholarships for beauty school. I applied and was called back for a face to face interview! 

I was so nervous, I almost let my anxiety get the best of me. I remember getting dressed and thinking to myself you are not going to get this scholarship, why even try? Between putting my pants on and grabbing my make up bag I had an ah ha moment. I realized 1. It doesn't hurt to try and 2. Clearly they see something in me if they are calling me in for an interview. So I applied my make up; sprayed on my setting spray took one last look in the mirror. Guess who got the scholarship.. this Empress right here.

I received my license shortly after finishing school. I worked my way up from Junior Tech to Senior Tech, however I still wanted more from my career. I envisioned myself working closely with and having celebrity clientele. I accepted an offer to work in New York City for A high end nail salon. I was on cloud 9 networking and establishing clientele. Until... life threw me a curveball. 

Due to repetitive hand movements from doing nail art I suffered nerve damage in my right hand. My hand specialist tried everything possible but long story short I was advised to change careers.


I was devastated.


I remember thinking to myself..."You mean to tell me I am finally getting what I want from my career and my doctor is telling me its over". I think I was depressed for like 3 days and then I asked myself what now? I can sit here and remain depressed or I can get up and do something about it. I decided to throw the curve ball back at life and pursue a career in Makeup. I mean I spent a majority of my free time and money in Sephora. I also will be able to express my creativity and remain in the beauty industry. My makeup journey has now begun. I share my experience because I want whoever reads this to realize that instead of giving up and losing hope, throw the curveball back at life. Listen to the podcast to find out what has changed. How I got my life back.