Ice Cream Social


Taiyaki NYC

Taiyaki is one of Japan’s most beloved cakes

Taiyaki NYC located in the heart of Chinatown and Little Italy was on my list of places to go today. For those who don't know what Taiyaki is, it's a pancake-like snack in the shape of a fish which is filled with either red bean paste or a custard. I had seen so many photos of these on Instagram, I was on a mission to try it, so I hopped on the Q train and headed over to Canal street. As I exited the station I instantly saw tourist walking around with the remainder of their fish cone.  My eyes lit up and I continued to follow Apple Maps walking directions. I knew I was getting close because the church near by had a sign that said no eating ice cream on the stairs. I laughed as I read. I saw a little easel that said come in. I entered the small ice cream shop and began looking at the menu. I originally wanted the Matcha Flavor ice cream but once I saw they had a Unicorn Taiyaki and I knew that was the one. The unicorn ears and horn were made with marshmallows; they place a creamy swirl of Vanilla and Strawberry Ice cream on top of the fish cone. It was not too sweet just the right balance of flavor and sugar. Finally it was topped with an assortment of rainbow sprinkles. As I worked my way to the end of my tail I was delighted with the taste of Red Bean paste. I was in heaven and I ate all of it!

In regards to the customer service the employees were extremely patient and friendly. They offered advice and I was well informed of the option to swap things out. For a small packed ice cream shop, I only waited 3 minutes to get my Unicorn Taiyaki. I would definitely recommend this as a MUST EAT SHOP. 5 stars.