Watch Me Work My Magic✨

Products used:


•Apres Gel X Extensions Square Shape


•OPI I’ll Always lavender you

•OPI Base & Top coat

•Perfect Summer Matt Top Coat

Nail Art :

ShopGloregal™️ Water color


•Trippy teal

•Blue dream

•golden kush


The story behind the design:

Honestly I truly had no idea what to do. She said she was in a colorful yet purple mood. My client typically only gets one accent nail. But since she’s going on vacation I asked her to step outside her comfort zone and try having 2 accent nails. A lot of time when I am free styling a design I let the color speak to me first then I work on creating a design that matches my client’s personal style.   



Product Review:

I am in love with Apres Gel X Extensions. This system is a protective nail enhancement that allows your nails to grow strong and healthy underneath. I recommend this to all my clients that want to have long natural nails. Who says protective styling is only for your hair🤷🏾‍♀️.

The system is very easy to use for professionals. I would not recommend trying this at home. The nail prep sets the foundation for how long the full set last. This was my first time using an Electric file with this product and it definitely made my life easier. Using the electric file cut my service down by 15 mins. It took me 45 mins to apply the nails and do the design.  


As Always