Igloo Atlanta

I was so excited for Igloo ATL nothing was getting in my way of going. The Saturday before I left I ended up going out to eat and getting food poisoning.  But of course knowing my luck something like this would happen right before my trip. I was nervous when Wednesday came around because I still was not feeling well but I needed to travel from NY to Boston. Either way I made it to Boston but most importantly I made it to Atlanta. So the first few days were chill. We rented a house; by we I mean my cousins and I. The House was so warm and cozy definitely better than any 5 star hotel. After getting settled in we went to the grocery store picked up a few things. Of course we had to hit the liquor store and prepare for Igloo on Saturday. We were exhausted from traveling so we called it a night. Day 2 came and the turn up began wine with breakfast and morning laughs. We hit th strip club and boy was it an experience. I had higher expectations however nothing will ever be better than KOD in Miami. Day Three came and it was the day of the event. Igloo Atlanta. 

Where do I begin. That shit was epicccc. The word epic doesn’t do Igloo ATL justice. When I say the vibes and just overall everything was dope asf.  IT WAS DOPE ASF!  Watch the video for more details about my trip.