The update: ShopGloregal™️

Behind the Scenes  

For yearsss I have been preparing for this moment. All the research focus groups and hour long conversations with my best friend has finally paid off. Shop Glore Gal™️ is launching soon😬.  

I had to fight a lot of self doubt and insecurities to get to this point. For the longest I wondered why would anyone want to buy beauty products from me. Boy was I wrong. I did a collaboration with Basil Rhea to test my buying power and hunny it sold out in 4 day💁🏾‍♀️. I was not expecting that at all. That collab helped me to realize that I need to launch my own products ASAP!  

I always wanted to launch my own nail polish line and press on nail collection so that’s where I began. Developing a formula that’s both good for your body and still works! I finally came up with the right formula. But I couldn’t stop there. I wanted to offer cuticle oils, scrubs, press on nails, make up, clothes, etc. I was excited and then I became overwhelmed and good ol’ doubt came knocking. I started second guessing my decision and choices ultimately pushing back the release date.

However, now I’m on my queenpreneur mission and nothing can stop me. My wants and needs to launch this store has over powered any self doubt. I no longer doubt my decisions I embrace them.  

So as of right now the store is about 60% set up. This week I have to work on the return policy and take a few product pictures. In the meantime you can follow my journey on Instagram and Twitter @gloregal.