Mikasa Beauty Review


• quality control over marketing • limited line extensions • professional high grade brushes • at affordable pricing

With our new company stature, we are putting extra efforts in keeping our brushes at affordable pricing. We prioritize in quality control over marketing. Our marketing investment is particularly limited due to the belief that great products will market themselves. We are also focused on limited line extensions in order to craft the finest brushes. By focusing on the essentials, we are able to deliver only high end professional grade brushes, and managing to keep them at competitive affordable pricing.

Brush Hair

• finest brush hair • perfect blend of hair or unique performances • the softest brushes
Bristles are the cream of the crop for makeup brushes. Choosing the right hair is the most essential step in crafting the finest brushes. There are over five types of animal hair used in the beauty industry. The majority of our brushes are using goat hair – the most commonly used hair on the market. Goat hair is particularly soft and durable. With 8 tiers of goat hair, Mikasa Beauty only uses XGF,ZGF and BJF, the softest of the bunch and belonging to the top 3 tiers. These fine hairs are expensive and mainly used for high profile makeup brush brands.

Synthetic fiber is also used in some of our brushes. Certain synthetic hair is stiffer than goat hair and is more suitable for brushes such as the eyeshadow brush. There are also high quality synthetic hair performs as well as natural hair and offers minimal shedding.

Each Mikasa Beauty brush has gone through several tests to determine the type of hair, or the mixture it needs for the best performance. If you ever get a chance to feel our brushes, we promise the quality will present itself immediately. Many professional makeup artists considers Mikasa Beauty as their favorite makeup brush brand, and feels its quality is on par with high end famous brands, such as Bobbi Brown, MAC, and Make Up For Ever.


My Experience

Mikasa Beauty sent me their Quick Change Brush Cleaner along with the Brush E250 (Eye Shader Brush). The order was placed on 12/9/2017. It was shipped out 12/10/2017. So props to them for fast order processing. It arrived from Canada on 12/18/2017. I instantly fell in love with the Quick Change Brush Cleaner. I never knew I needed a product like this until it was sent to me. I was so use to using Sephora Cleansing wipes or wiping the remaining eyeshadow product on my arm. This was such a breeze. It allowed me the capability of creating my eye look only using one brush. The E250 brush that they sent me was as soft as it can be. In the future I plan on using this brush to assist with blending and to apply my transition color. I think it is a bit to soft to use solely to complete an eye look. I definitely give this company a thumbs up approval. Please feel free to use GLOREGAL25 to receive 25% off your future order.



*I was given these items for free. However, that does not effect my overall opinion of the product. If I don't like itI simply send it back to the company and inform that I am unable to do the review.