Watch Me Work My Magic✨

Products used:


•Apres Gel X Extensions Square Shape


•OPI I’ll Always lavender you

•OPI Base & Top coat

•Perfect Summer Matt Top Coat

Nail Art :

ShopGloregal™️ Water color


•Trippy teal

•Blue dream

•golden kush


The story behind the design:

Honestly I truly had no idea what to do. She said she was in a colorful yet purple mood. My client typically only gets one accent nail. But since she’s going on vacation I asked her to step outside her comfort zone and try having 2 accent nails. A lot of time when I am free styling a design I let the color speak to me first then I work on creating a design that matches my client’s personal style.   



Product Review:

I am in love with Apres Gel X Extensions. This system is a protective nail enhancement that allows your nails to grow strong and healthy underneath. I recommend this to all my clients that want to have long natural nails. Who says protective styling is only for your hair🤷🏾‍♀️.

The system is very easy to use for professionals. I would not recommend trying this at home. The nail prep sets the foundation for how long the full set last. This was my first time using an Electric file with this product and it definitely made my life easier. Using the electric file cut my service down by 15 mins. It took me 45 mins to apply the nails and do the design.  


As Always


Run! The Storm is Coming


Music: Wander

Musician: @iksonofficial

Music: See You

Musician: @iksonofficial

The Story behind the design:

My boyfriend loves to play  Fortnite. While he plays I watch him while scrolling through my social media news feeds. When I do pay attention I’m always looking at the clock and storm. If I had a penny for the  amount of times I said “ Baby the storm is coming” I would have a lot of money. Each time I say it he reassures me that he got this. So I decided to start my Fortnite nail art 5 day series with Run! The Storm is coming. 

 As Always ✨💅🏾



The update: ShopGloregal™️

Behind the Scenes  

For yearsss I have been preparing for this moment. All the research focus groups and hour long conversations with my best friend has finally paid off. Shop Glore Gal™️ is launching soon😬.  

I had to fight a lot of self doubt and insecurities to get to this point. For the longest I wondered why would anyone want to buy beauty products from me. Boy was I wrong. I did a collaboration with Basil Rhea to test my buying power and hunny it sold out in 4 day💁🏾‍♀️. I was not expecting that at all. That collab helped me to realize that I need to launch my own products ASAP!  

I always wanted to launch my own nail polish line and press on nail collection so that’s where I began. Developing a formula that’s both good for your body and still works! I finally came up with the right formula. But I couldn’t stop there. I wanted to offer cuticle oils, scrubs, press on nails, make up, clothes, etc. I was excited and then I became overwhelmed and good ol’ doubt came knocking. I started second guessing my decision and choices ultimately pushing back the release date.

However, now I’m on my queenpreneur mission and nothing can stop me. My wants and needs to launch this store has over powered any self doubt. I no longer doubt my decisions I embrace them.  

So as of right now the store is about 60% set up. This week I have to work on the return policy and take a few product pictures. In the meantime you can follow my journey on Instagram and Twitter @gloregal.  

Client perspective: Ombré Nail Art

Watch me as I have fun giving my client a summer inspired Ombré design.

Behind the design: 

She picked the color out and told me she wanted some gold accent nails. That’s all I needed to hear from there I let my own creativity take over. I love when clients give me the opportunity to express myself rather than asking me to replicate a design. I’m happy to do both but I enjoy expressing my own creative freedom more. 

Brands used:

Après Gel X Extension System: Short Square

IBD Gel Polish Hot Spring

OPI Baseand Top Coat 

Charms: Gloregal™️ 

Music: Make Me Feel

Musician: Not The King.👑

Behind the design

I’m going to be honest this was not a design I thought of before sitting down to do my nails. It just came to me. I knew I wanted to use my  Gloregal™️ watercolor pigments that I created earlier on in the week. I started with the two fingers I knew I wanted the watercolor pigments on and let my imagination run wild from there. 






Igloo Atlanta

I was so excited for Igloo ATL nothing was getting in my way of going. The Saturday before I left I ended up going out to eat and getting food poisoning.  But of course knowing my luck something like this would happen right before my trip. I was nervous when Wednesday came around because I still was not feeling well but I needed to travel from NY to Boston. Either way I made it to Boston but most importantly I made it to Atlanta. So the first few days were chill. We rented a house; by we I mean my cousins and I. The House was so warm and cozy definitely better than any 5 star hotel. After getting settled in we went to the grocery store picked up a few things. Of course we had to hit the liquor store and prepare for Igloo on Saturday. We were exhausted from traveling so we called it a night. Day 2 came and the turn up began wine with breakfast and morning laughs. We hit th strip club and boy was it an experience. I had higher expectations however nothing will ever be better than KOD in Miami. Day Three came and it was the day of the event. Igloo Atlanta. 

Where do I begin. That shit was epicccc. The word epic doesn’t do Igloo ATL justice. When I say the vibes and just overall everything was dope asf.  IT WAS DOPE ASF!  Watch the video for more details about my trip. 


Booked & Busy

Where do I begin??? Life has been so crazy for me. I feel like I have been going and going like the energizer bunny. But I rather be busy than bored. With all the running around and getting everything prepared for Glore Gal™️ Online store launch, managing the salon and taking my clients I have neglected self care😩.

I am such an advocate of self care, sheet mask, proper diet and rest. I honestly do not understand how I allowed myself to neglected myself( if that makes sense). But hey shit happens right??? Life gets in the way.

No! Shit does not just happen and life does not get in the way I allowed it to happen. There’s no excuse. There are 24 hours in a day. I can dedicate at least  one hour to myself. and that’s exactly what I did. 

I got a $100 Sephora gift card  for my birthday. I took that money and went and brought the glam glow glitter mask and a new palette for my trip to Atlanta. It felt so nice to go out and spoil myself. I didn’t care that I was tired from working all day. Only thing I was concerned about was getting back into the routine of spoiling myself and boy did it feel nice. 

A piece of advice for my ladies you’re never to busy to treat yourself. Try to start off by dedicating at least 15 minutes per day. 

As Always



#Glorexme: @artistrybypinaa

Les V. a 22 year old fearless creative is based out of Boston & LA. As a fellow Boston native I had my 3s up while I watched her YouTube Channel Pinaa Coladass.  Her Instagram accounts @artistrybypinaa & pinaacoladass highlight her phenomenal blending skills. She slays every skin tone effortlessly.  Her bold editorial eye looks set her apart from the crowd. Les’ trendy and glamorous makeup looks makes it hard not to hit the follow button. Don’t sleep on this rising star! Make sure to book your next appointment with Les V. For more information head on over to  

#Glorexme: @bykrisyim

#Glorexme: @bykrisyim

This week’s Glore Gal is @bykrisyim

This beauty uses make up as a means to express herself. Her level of talent and creativity is astonishing. Her first makeup series of 2018 features 7 makeup looks inspired by her favorite costumes from carnival. When I came across these looks I was blown away. She uses both commercial and indie makeup brands to express her creativity. I have played and designed costumes for Boston Carnival etc.. I have not seen anyone create such beautiful looks before. Her creativity does not stop there from nature inspired looks to holiday she truly the definition of a Glore Gal™️.

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GRWM: Soft Glam

A woman's real beauty usually manifests in the early morning when she wakes up, than during the day when she makes up.

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Empress sold out in 4 dayss

Basil Rhea X Glore Gal 1.8.18

It's official Empress launched this past Monday. It took 4 days but Empress is officially sold out. I am so proud and thankful. Thank you to everyone who support me, my brand and Basil Rhea. Basil Rhea is working very hard to send out all your orders and along with working towards restocking everything. Be sure to check out Basil Rhea X Glore Gal interview in our exclusives section on the blog. Oxford Basil also released a vlog documenting the launching of Basil Rhea click the link to watch it